What is White Tea?

White Tea is one of the more delicate varieties of tea because of its timing it’s picked. White tea is harvested before the plant’s leaves are fully open. In this stage, the bud is covered in white hairs, hence the name White Tea.


White Tea was a form of tribute to the Emperor in China during the early Chinese imperial dynasties. The tribute was to offer the rarest and finest tea and white tea consisted of the bud of the plant before it is open into a leaf. White tea would be grounded into a fine silvery powder that the Emperor was only able to afford to drink.


Just an exquisite tea use to only be available in Fujian, China. As tea production methods are improved, the process for cultivating this delicate tea has spread into other regions of the world for more people to experience the flavor of the White tea.


White Tea is really delicate and it is the least processed in comparison to black or green tea. White tea is simply plucked, withered, and air dried naturally. Their simple processing preserves the natural sweetness of the leaf.